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        Awards at Coverings
        April 30th, 2013

        The Ceramic Tile Distributors Association presented its first Supplier of the Year Award to Florida Tile. The winner is selected by CTDA members who ranked candidates in ten criteria categories.


        In another presentation, the Clear family,owners of Fin Pan, accepted the Giving Green Award from Tile Partners for Humanity for their commitment to the organization. FinPan has donated more than 100 truckloads of backer board and related materials oner the last two years.

        Something New Around Every Corner
        April 29th, 2013

        “How exciting to see the hustle and bustle on today’s Coverings Show. From tile and stone to all types of allied products, both attendees and exhibitors are busy! Don’t miss the amazing exhibitors in every booth…if you can help it! There’s something new around every corner!” – Susan Sommers, Sales Associate with TileDealer

        “Lots of excitement on the show floor today: wood looks even better, texture and color (how about gray or blue?) are key and residential is back! Plus education and awards to come!” – Janet Arden, Editor with TileDealer

        Tile of Spain: Coverings 2013
        April 22nd, 2013

        This year marks 26 years of Spanish influence at Coverings. Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER), will once again bring one of the largest foreign delegations to the show – 43 ceramic and stone manufacturers.

        Visitors to the Spanish Pavilion (#3309) will witness first-hand some of the most advanced ceramic tile technology and breathtaking design choices the world has to offer. Guests will experience cutting-edge technology, sustainable design and diverse architectural solutions from leading Spain tile manufacturers.

        The Tile of Spain booth, located in the center of the pavilion, holds a variety of literature, including directories to the must-see Spanish tile exhibitors at Coverings, and the latest issue of Ceraspa?a, Tile of Spain’s quarterly magazine.? Audio-visual presentations will run throughout the show, including Tile of Spain’s award-winning architectural and design projects and an overview of Tile of Spain manufacturers’ achievements featuring beautiful design and products with unsurpassed quality, durability and versatility.

        The schedule of presentations in the Spanish Pavilion includes:

        “The Complimentary Paradigm”

        Tuesday 4/30:?????????? 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm

        Thursday, 5/2: ????????? 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm

        Influences are everywhere for the spaces we create today- fashion, upholstery, wallpaper, furniture, media and even electronics all must relate to each other in our spaces and uniquely embody the current style of the client. With so many indicators to track how do we hone in on the style and colors that define the coming year for tile? Join us as we explore the long-view take on trends from the perspective of a lifetime service material. Presented by Ryan Fasan.


        “Connect the Dots”

        Monday 4/29: ?????????? 12:15 pm -12:45 pm

        Monday 4/29: ?????????? 1:15 pm – 1:45 pm

        Wednesday 5/1:?????? 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm

        Wednesday 5/1:?????? 1:15 pm – 1:45 pm

        The tile industry has never been better positioned to be the material of choice for the 21st century. Join us as we discover the bucket-list of today’s client’s demands and the powerful tools provided by Tile of Spain manufacturers to uniquely satisfy them. Connectivity allows for easy synergy between branding efforts across the industry, from associations to manufacturers to distributors and retailers, a cohesive message can be developed and organically support growth of recognition for all. Connect all the dots to give your clients everything desired before they even know they want it and reap the rewards. Presented by Ryan Fasan.


        LATICRETE? Floor HEAT Wire
        April 20th, 2013

        LATICRETE has expanded their radiant heating offering by introducing LATICRETE? Floor HEAT Wire. “Our new wire product is not attached to a grid mesh mat,” stated Jay DeLuca, LATICRETE Product Manager. “As a result, it offers contractors a great deal of flexibility. Offered on a spool, installers can easily and quickly place it perfectly in tight areas around cabinetry, islands, and bathroom fixtures such as raised lavatory pedestals, bathtub ‘feet’ and other spots where a mat system would be more difficult to position.” DeLuca added, “LATICRETE Floor Heat is the only radiant floor heating system that is part of a comprehensive, lifetime warranty system for tile and stone applications. When using LATICRETE Floor HEAT Wire, contractors can rely on a single source to provide the total solution for their next floor warming project. The LATICRETE Lifetime Warranty covers not only the floor warming system and its components, it also covers the thin-set mortar, grout and surface preparation products.”


        TCNA welcomes Lundgren
        April 19th, 2013

        The Tile Council of North America (TCNA) is pleased to announce that Joe Lundgren, of Joseph Lundgren Consulting (JLC), has joined the TCNA team to advance TCNA’s laboratory services. Mr. Lundgren’s extensive experience in the tile industry makes him uniquely well-suited to connect his customers with TCNA lab services that can help build their businesses. Marketplace requirements, conformance to standards, and product research are all areas where the customer benefits from the synergy between JLC and TCNA lab services. Mr. Lundgren began his career in tile in 1984 with American Olean and went on to management at Dal-Tile, becoming Vice President of Marketing.? While with Dal-Tile, he represented the company on TCNA’s Board of Directors and played a key part in TCNA initiatives aimed at growing the tile industry and the organization.? “We are excited to have Joe working directly with our laboratory,” says TCNA Executive Director Eric Astrachan. Mr. Lundgren will work closely with Claudio Bizzaglia, TCNA’s Director of Laboratory Services. “I always valued the work the TCNA did for the ceramic and stone industry while I was on their Board of Directors,” says Mr. Lundgren. “I look forward to promoting their testing services, including the new glass tile standard [ANSI A137.2] to ensure our industry continues to grow with the same quality TCNA has driven since 1945.”


        Introducing River Valley
        April 18th, 2013

        Inspired by the enchanting isle of Sardinia, Mediterranea is pleased to introduce the River Valley series – an innovative combination of elements from the old world and the new. Found along Sardinia’s jagged seashore cliffs and lush Mediterranean valleys are extremely unique natural stones found only in this special corner of the world.? Mediterranea has utilized its Dynamic HD Imaging? inkjet technology to combine these distinct stones with modern cement graphics to create a never-before-seen combination of cement and stone. River Valley is offered in four rich color selections:? Amber, Bronze, Copper and Sand.? And with sizes in 12×24, 18×18 and 13×13, River Valley is manufactured in the most popular formats to suit any residential or commercial installation.? 2×2 mosaic and bullnose trim pieces are the perfect complement to any project.




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