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        TEC? Expands Color Offerings of TecniColor? Commercial Grade Grout
        February 25th, 2014

        TEC? announces the addition of seven new colors to its TecniColor? Commercial Grade Grout line. The new colors will be available in November 2013. TecniColor? grout delivers an easy-to-use formula for use in commercial and public spaces. Introduced in June 2013, the product’s increasing popularity among installers has already led to a demand for its expansion.

        “Installers really like working with TecniColor?, and its popularity continues to grow,” says Grant Huffine, Senior Market Manager for H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc., the manufacturer of TEC? brand products. “When our customers asked for additional color options so that they could use this product more often, we answered with more colors that will help them achieve their clients’ visions.

        With the new additions, TEC? offers TecniColor? grout in 15 colors that deliver strong, color-consistent joints with no efflorescence. Its newest colors are: Sterling, Birch, Cornsilk, Light Pewter, Silhouette, Light Smoke and Espresso.

        TEC? also offers these colors in its Power Grout? Ultimate Performance Grout line, and chose to add them to its TecniColor? line because they match many of today’s commercial design trends. With its high-performance, easy-to-use formulation, TecniColor? is particularly in demand for commercial installations.

        Its high-performance features include resistance to many chemicals used in commercial applications, permanent stain resistance with no sealing and defense against mold and mildew to keep a “like new” appearance with simple, routine maintenance. The high-strength formula is crack and shrink resistant and is recommended for heavy commercial use in interior and exterior installations.

        The performance benefits of TecniColor? are augmented by its easy-to-install qualities. Its pre-mixed formula eliminates color inconsistencies due to variations in mixing methods or water sources. Unlike epoxy, it spreads smoothly to fill joints and cleans up easily from the tile surface using only water and a sponge.

        The expanded color palette of TecniColor? grout comes in 20-lb. pails consisting of one universal floor and wall formula for joints ranging from 1/16” to 1/2”.? In addition to its new colors, it continues to be offered in Bright White, Pearl, Antique White, Sandstone Beige, Light Buff, DeLorean Gray, Summer Wheat and Charcoal Gray.

        For more information about TEC? products, visit tecspecialty.com.

        February 13th, 2014

        Florim USA has introduced its Pietra Romana Collection to North America. Beautiful porcelain tile for both residential and commercial applications, with the “look” of natural travertine found in yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s Rome.

        modern kitchen condo apartmentOffered in four stunning colors,? Avorio, Dark Grey, Noce and Silver, Pietra Romana may be selected in the following large format modular sizes: 18 x 36, 6 x 36, 12 x 24, 18 x 18 and 3 x12. The collection also includes bullnose pieces as well as 2 x 2 mosaics mounted on a 12 x 12 sheet.

        The 6 x 36 tile is a highly contemporary size offering not just a classic look; but, because each unit is not overly long, only one person is needed to install it. Generally speaking, longer porcelain tile units require two contractors and thus, end up costing customers considerably more. And, each glazed porcelain Pietra Romana tile is produced using High Definition Graphic (HDG) Technology, a state-of-the art inkjet process creating a stone-look that is so realistic… it might just cause a geologist to reach for his magnifying glass! According to Stefano Rabaioli, Florim USA’s VP Sales and Marketing, “Pietra Romana had a great response at the shows. The U.S. market loves travertine. Whereas initially, this product appears to be mainly residential, its 18 x 36 size has raised much interest in customers focused on the commercial marketplace, as well. The large rectangular format is an ideal size for lobbies, retail stores and even for wall applications. The color palette enhances classic earth-tones typically used in residential design, as a result this tile is an ideal choice for those wanting to invest in a house and increase its value by selecting one of the longest-lasting, most durable, flooring options in the entire industry!”

        In other news, Florim USA’s new Pier Collection is unique in many ways. In particular, it is offered in just one size: 6″ x 36.”? This size was chosen not only because it evoked the look of weathered hardwood planks seen in older docks and jetties. Because each unit is not extremely long, only one person is needed to install it. Generally speaking, longer porcelain wood-look planks require two contractors and end up costing customers considerably more.

        End-users who select Pier will have a beautiful and durable floor which enhances any environment. It may be selected in four beautiful and natural colors:? Cocoa, Balboa, Navy and Santa Monica. To complement the weathered wood look plank, Pier Series also offers an attractive deco tile, which may be used for adding sophisticated accent pieces to the overall floor design, enriching the ambiance even more. Additionally, the firm has developed a 6″ x 12″? cove-base, to add the final touch to any project. Each glazed porcelain Pier tile is produced using High Definition Graphic (HDG) Technology, a state-of-the art inkjet process creating a wood-look that is so realistic… it could fool Mother Nature!

        The Pier Collection conveys a sense of real wood with superior durability, allowing it to be installed in both Florim_Pier_Navyresidential and commercial applications. According to Stefano Rabaioli V.P. of Sales and Marketing, “Wood looks are definitely the fashion of the moment. Florim USA wanted to showcase the superior visual capabilities achieved by using High Definition Technology through this new collection, which was inspired by the most well-known, instantly recognizable American piers. This new series reminds me of a rustic wood look with weathered characteristics created by age, sun, and the sweet salt of the ocean. Frankly, the product ended up better than we could have ever anticipated!? It has a look suited for both classic and modern environments. We’re already receiving specification requests for Pier to be used in restaurants, hotels and retail stores.”



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