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        NAC Products Unveils New Website
        May 12th, 2014

        330.644.3117, dhanna@nacproducts.com

        Akron,OH–April24,2014–National Applied Construction(NAC)Products, Inc., the company that introduced the industry to ECB? and crack isolation membrane technology, has unveiled a brand new website at the same domain www.NACproducts.com.

        This is the latest addition to the NAC Products brand identity progression that began last year with our 30th anniversary celebration and the release of the 2013 NAC calendar “Classic Vehicles from the Tile Industry.”


        “The new website design has been in the works for several months and is the next step in the continued evolution of the NAC brand,”said Brian Petit,Vice-President of Operations. “Our goal is to be an educational resource, a place to go for answers, and we want to provide an exceptional experience for visitors from a functionality stand point and that includes a refreshed brand image.”

        The new website will be on display in the NAC booth(#7101) at the Coverings Tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV beginning on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

        NAC offers a variety of floor protection systems for crack isolation (ECB?, ECB?75, ECB? Green), sound control (SAM?3, SAM?390, SuperSAM?125) and waterproofing (Strataflex sheet and SubSeal? liquid membranes, Extreme Deck Waterproofing System) over substrates like concrete, wood, tile and backer board among others. NAC also offers companion products such as primer, sealant, tape and ready-to-install kits. For more information about the NAC family of flooring solutions, call 800-633-4622 or visit www.NACproducts.com.

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