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        ‘Qualified Labor’ playlist Video

        ‘Fabric Look’ in Why Tile Inspiration Gallery
        May 23rd, 2019

        In honor of #NationalTextilesDay, we’re sharing some of our favorite ceramic tiles made to look like textiles. Incorporating the look and texture of linens and other fabrics, gives your space a good base layer to build on. See examples of this tile style in the Why Tile Inspiration Gallery.WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-May-20191 WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-May-20192


        Design pros review some of their favorite tile styles seen at Coverings for Forbes
        May 16th, 2019

        Design pros review some of their favorite tile styles seen at @Coverings for @Forbes. Standout trends included moody marble looks, dimensional whites, tropical florals and more. Read more here:?https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiegold/2019/04/19/design-biz-pros-share-their-coverings-tile-show-takes/#1eb42de33f04WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-5 WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-6

        CTDA Technical Committee Update
        May 14th, 2019

        by Frank Donahue, CTDA Technical Committee Chairman, Best Tile


        1.? Work continues by the ANSI A-108 committee to establish guidelines for the application of large format gauged porcelain tile to exteriors using a direct bond method.

        This guideline has major potential to open building exteriors as an additional surface for the use of porcelain tiles.


        2.? Discussion continues with regard to the variety of training available in the marketplace for contractors that install large format gauged porcelain tile with the goal of ensuring that training is sufficient, and it aligns with the qualified labor language in specifications or installation instructions.? Not all training is the same but should meet a minimum criterion that will ensure a proper installation.


        3.? The TCNA Handbook committee is working with Scott Conwell from the IMI to propose an outreach to the architectural and design community that promotes knowledge of the TCNA Handbook.

        A great deal of work has been accomplished by the TCNA Handbook committee to create and perfect a usable body of knowledge and the next step is ensuring wide dissemination of this information.


        4. I encourage our CTDA members to get involved on the CTDA Technical committee and to attend our industry technical meetings.? CTDA members have an important role to play in the education of the consumer and installer of ceramic tile, porcelain and stone products.? It is critical that the CTDA membership provide 2-way communications to the industry committees on issues from the field as well as to the installation community on matters addressed by the industry.


        2019 Tile Trends: Textured Tile
        May 9th, 2019

        Sticking to a monochromatic pallet? Textured tile is a great way to add visual interest without introducing too many colors. It also provides a tactile quality that’ll have your guests walking right up to touch the walls. Read more here:?https://whytile.com/2019/04/2019-tile-trends-textured-tile/WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-3 WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-4

        Mirrored Tile
        May 2nd, 2019

        Nothing throws light around a room like mirrored tile can. From reflective glazes on 3D ceramic, to completely mirrored glass tiles, there are loads of mirrored tile styles that can turn an everyday space into a jewel box. Read more here:?https://whytile.com/2019/03/2019-tile-trends-mirror-tile/WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-20191 WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-20192

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