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        Five Reasons Tile is Trending in Hospitality
        July 26th, 2019

        “Tile is nonporous. This means that it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic.” He adds, “There’s a reason that this is the material used where cleanliness is an absolute necessity, like in operating rooms.” (via @Lodging)


        Read more here:?https://lodgingmagazine.com/five-reasons-tile-is-trending-hospitality/

        Ceramics of Italy Has Released Their Spring-Summer Tile Trends
        July 11th, 2019

        From muted colors to modern lines — See what’s up and coming in European tile trends (from @CeramicsofItaly via @Contemporist)



        Read more here:?http://www.contemporist.com/ceramics-of-italy-spring-summer-tile-trends/

        Design pros review some of their favorite tile styles seen at Coverings for Forbes
        May 16th, 2019

        Design pros review some of their favorite tile styles seen at @Coverings for @Forbes. Standout trends included moody marble looks, dimensional whites, tropical florals and more. Read more here:?https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiegold/2019/04/19/design-biz-pros-share-their-coverings-tile-show-takes/#1eb42de33f04WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-5 WhyTile-Social-Media-Messaging-April-2019-6

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