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        Green Afoot: Environmentally Friendly Flooring
        July 30th, 2019

        “Few places in your home have a bigger impact on your family’s health and planetary footprint than your floors…Tiles made from recycled porcelain, concrete or glass are durable, low-maintenance and generally have low carbon footprints. Plus, its unique appearance can’t be replicated with any other material” (via @MotherEarthLiving)


        Read more here:?https://www.motherearthliving.com/home-products/green-afoot-environmentally-friendly-flooring?

        Parental Warning: Harmful Chemicals in Vinyl Floors, Furniture
        July 22nd, 2019

        Researchers have found that children living in homes with vinyl flooring and sofas treated with fire retardant chemicals show increased levels of certain toxic chemicals.
        These chemicals have been associated with serious health issues, including respiratory problems, neurological issues, skin irritation, and cancer.


        Read more here:?https://www.healthline.com/health-news/vinyl-floors-expose-children-to-harmful-chemicals?

        The Known Dangers of Vinyl Flooring
        July 18th, 2019

        Most people shop for vinyl flooring because of its low price, and waterproof claims. What they may not realize is that it’s made of chemicals including plastic, which release hazardous VOCs.

        Natural ceramic or stone tiles on the other hand, are non-toxic and won’t give off any VOCs. Considering how much safer they are to your health and how long they will last, ceramic tiles are the smart choice for your home.
        Link: https://www.homedetoxing.com/dangers-vinyl-flooring/

        Tile: Safe for Pets and People!
        July 15th, 2019

        Tile is non-flammable, meaning it doesn’t produce smoke in a fire, reduces flame spread, and doesn’t burn and give off toxic fumes like other materials can. Safe for pets and people. That’s Why Tile!

        Read more here: https://whytile.com/healthy-spaces/

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